Hey y’all! I’m Kelly Parada. I’m a detail-oriented, travel loving wife and mama. I am a little California casual and a lot of Southern charm. And I love making wedding dreams come true for my clients!


How did you get started in weddings? The first word I remember using to describe myself growing up was “organized.” I knew I loved arranging details from an early age, but wasn’t sure how to make a career out of that. With the help of some great advisors in college I chose Event & Hospitality Management as my major. After graduating I got a fantastic opportunity to work for one of Atlanta’s top catering and event design companies, Bold Events. After over a decade there, I ventured on my own to create Golden Pineapple Weddings & Events.

What makes you different from other planners? With over twelve years of experience, I have coordinated and attended literally thousands of weddings over the years. I wasn’t a stay at home mom looking for a new career path (though I am a work from home mama now!). I studied events and the hospitality industry in college. And I know how wedding vendors and venues make their decisions. I know the ins and outs of every aspect of the industry. And I bring that unique perspective to my planning.

Clients and vendors tell me I’m very calm on-site. This is because I’ve seen it all! Missing a linen for a table? No problem. Power outage? There is always a plan. Downpour during your cocktail hour? We can handle it! I have seen and survived just about every scenario you could imagine. And I know how to think on my feet.

Why the pineapple?  I grew up in a Southern Victorian home with a historical marker plaque on the front door with a pineapple emblem. In that same home I had a golden pineapple nightlight that I have to this day. Growing up I was fascinated with hospitality and etiquette. And I loved the preparation that went into planning parties and events. When I learned that the pineapple is the international symbol for hospitality it seemed like a perfect fit!


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When I’m not planning weddings I enjoy traveling, outdoor activities like hiking and paddle boarding, catching sunsets and trying new restaurants. Most importantly I am a wife and mother. The “pineapples” of my eye are my husband, Jack, our darling daughter, Sofia and our adorable son, Jacob. Jack is a wedding and event photographer. We love working together! Check him out here:

Jack Parada Photography

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